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Are you looking for a new and exciting way to make money online? Maybe you are an experienced Affiliate Marketer looking for a higher paying program.  Or maybe you have a Finance or Retirement Tips blog and you are looking for a way to quit your day job. Whatever your situation is, what I’m about to share with you might just be what you were looking for!

I’m reaching out to you today with what could be a life-changing proposal for YOU and YOUR family!

This offer will take about 15 minutes of your time to quickly scan thru, to determine whether this is actually worth considering (it is worthwhile for about 95% of readers).

When you see the insider details and bullet points, you are going to want to spend a bit more time in digesting this, and I recommend that you “sleep on it” before coming to any conclusion or decision.

I know, I know…that is probably the worst sales job ever!

Look…I may not be a top sales type, but…

I do recognize a MASSIVE PERSONAL OPPORTUNITY when I see it. Let’s call it an “MPO” from here on out, OK?

And I also know when to take action when I see an “MPO”, especially one like this.

OK, nuff about me…let’s get down to YOU and YOUR personal opportunity.

FIRST…And please do pay close attention…

This is NOT MLM, network marketing, selling crap products, or doing anything “shady” that you might be turned off by. I want to be crystal clear about that.

It is a financial business opportunity, based on sound financial principles, and offered in an extremely unique and non-traditional way. More on that in a bit.

I am closely associated with a business that helps preserve and grow the wealth, investments and capital for some pretty smart and savvy American investors, movers and shakers.

People who are a lot like you and me…!

This particular business is absolutely BOOMING right now, with no end in sight. You may have noticed that the American economy is NOT BOOMING right now, with no end in sight.

The reason that this business is BOOMING, is directly associated with the American (and also the world) economy, including the continued loss of income, jobs, homes, businesses, equity and wealth.

And I can also tell you that it will be BOOMING in both “good” and “bad” economic times. You’ll see why in just a moment.

So, what is this BOOMING opportunity for you?

There are several, actually…all involving the acquisition and distribution of physical Gold, Silver and other precious metals.

The company that I am associated with are experts at helping people acquire precious metals and converting or adding them to their retirement portfolio. Tax deferred, of course.

It’s literally a multi-billion dollar market…and growing larger by the day, since dollars are actually devaluing over time.

You may be wondering what my involvement is.

The simple explanation is that I send the company new prospects and they pay me a commission for that.

Without getting into all the technical and legal details (that is best left to the account experts)…Every prospect that I send to the company can potentially result in a commission for me. Anywhere from $30 up to thousands of dollars, depending on the value of the investment and services they require. This is not rocket science!

Join Regal Assets

Here are 2 main benefits for you personally…

1) You can accumulate your own Gold or Silver bullion (or coins and other investments) to help protect and increase your personal wealth, by way of setting up a self-directed retirement plan (IRA). Your IRA is protected by what many consider to be the world’s most secure financial instrument…physical Gold (or other precious metals).

2) If you know anyone who is planning on retiring someday, you can optionally refer others to the same MPO, either casually or as an income-producing business. Nowadays, successful people want opportunities that benefit others, as well as themselves.

You may be asking yourself….what is the catch here? Why are you offering this to me? Can’t I just do this myself with my local gold dealer?

There is no catch. I am simply doing my part to grow the economy by sharing this opportunity to smart and savvy “opportunists” like yourself.

And no…your local gold dealer does not have the resources or system to match this “MPO”.

The Bottom Line:

For your own investing, Gold has proven to maintain massive growth in value over the last decade or two. Your $100,000 invested in Gold in 2001 is worth around $525,000 today (it was up to $600,000 in early 2013).

Gold is a bargain right now…Yes it has dropped a bit in value, with a market correction, but most “insiders” believe that it will still head to $2000, $2500…and some think $5000 per ounce.

For each person that you refer to this “MPO”, you’ll receive an industry-best 3% commission on the net value of their purchase or investment.

Let me say that again, in case you missed it…

For each person that you refer to this “MPO”, you’ll receive an industry-best 3% commission on the net value of their gold investment

That means that if someone that you refer decides to invest $100,000 in Gold or other precious metals….YOU will receive $3,000, no strings attached.

All legal, all above board, all according to the very stringent rules of this ages-old, very private and very closed industry.

OK…Let’s let all the “potential” stuff sink in for a moment. Consider this…

  • Do you know anyone who is planning on retiring some day?
  • Do you know anyone who prefers to maintain their wealth, home equity or business assets?
  • Do you think most people would prefer increasing their value in GOLD or precious metals, over decreasing their value in paper money, if given a choice?

What if you referred several people every month with investments of $5K, $10K, $50K, $100K…or even more? You never know when a $250K or $500K single investment is coming!

OK…That is Part 1 of the Massive Personal Opportunity for you…

To summarize…You can buy your own gold and precious metals. And you can help others and make money by referring them to the company.

Part 2 is where we come into the picture, but definitely never in a negative or detrimental way to your own success.

In fact it enhances your success…and you’ll see why in a moment.

Listen to Part 2 VERY, VERY carefully….

We told you that this was not MLM (multi-level-marketing)…and that is 100% true. This is actually referral marketing or some call it affiliate marketing.

Simply put, referral marketing is when I send a business some customers and they compensate me, in some way. This could be your dentist giving you a restaurant gift certificate for each new patient that you refer, or your car dealer giving you $150 for that car-buyer referral you sent them. Or your landscaping buddy slipping you a C-note for the tip on who needs a yard makeover on your street.

So, nothing new here…this has been going on for centuries. Or so I hear.

While the commission numbers are incredibly high for gold investments, what this highly innovative precious metals company has added, is a secondary referral commission.

Let me explain…

Let’s say that somehow George in New York found your blog, website, FaceBook page, banner, post, tweet or whatever…

George decides to convert his IRA to Gold thru your trackable online link (everything in this process is automated, by the way…you never sell, you never phone, all of this is handled by qualified and friendly professionals).

So on George’s $25K Gold purchase/investment, you just made $750. Not bad for “not working”.

But if George wants to get in on the action too, by doing what you are doing…he can apply to join thru a special page that is tracked to you. This is now a 2nd tier referral program.

In the future, any client that decides to invest thru George’s trackable online link, will result in a possible 1% or 2% commission for YOU…as well as George getting his commission.

Are you getting that?

Join Regal Assets

Look, I’m not being smug here…I want to be clear on the power and potential of this concept. Nobody else is doing this!!

When Jerry decides to rollover his 401k into an IRA with $50K of Gold thru George’s link, George makes $1500 and YOU can make $500 to $1000!

Your actual secondary commission structure is based on the following factors that are set by the company:

1) If you personally earn $5,000 to $10,000 in a month from your own commissions, you’ll earn 1% of your secondary affiliates’ commissions.

2) If you personally earn over $10,000 in a month from your own commissions, you’ll earn 2% of your secondary affiliates’ commissions.

So…How many Georges do you want partnering with you?

Now you see why I am trying to do my part for the economy!

Oh…One other thing….and this is EXTREMELY CRUCIAL…

Your linking and tracking is for the LIFETIME of your referred accounts. So an investor who buys multiple times over the years will result in ongoing commissions for you.

If you are experienced in affiliate marketing, I apologize for the simplistic explanations…but many people are totally unaware that you can make money…a lot of money…by doing this.

Who this is suited for….?

If you have an interest in money, saving, investing, finance, banking, wealth, economy, gold, silver, precious metals, retirement, assets, net worth, IRA, 401k, ROTH, real estate, business, loans, debt, credit, home equity, business equity, pensions, world events, stock market, Gen Xers, baby boomers etc….then you may be a perfect fit for this offer.

If you already have a financial, retirement or wealth-related business, blog, website, FaceBook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, Pinterest account, Squidoo lens, or other social media accounts or contacts…You are literally sitting on a….ummm….gold mine!

You already have a built-in, responsive market at your fingertips. You don’t need to do much more than present the offer via your tracking link or supplied website, unless you want to, of course.

If you are experienced in marketing, advertising or promotion, this “underground” precious metals affiliate strategy is definitely for you!

And…if you are simply motivated to earn decent cash, while helping others secure their futures with Gold and other precious metals, look no further than this opportunity.

How to sign up…

Please…Sign up by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Yes, that is my referral link…to be completely transparent. But remember that you do have to sign up with someone, and it does not cost you anything. You can stop or quit anytime, no prob.

Please note…Regal Assets does not automatically accept all applicants. We can help you, if you do run into any issues in the approval process. It definitely helps to join with someone already successful in the program. See our FAQ section for more details.

Regal Assets has amazing resources to help you get started and their tracking and follow-up is world class. We are always available to help you whenever we can.

We find that most people have their own unique ways of looking at this whole opportunity and how they want to set it up and to promote it. We definitely respect that.

Remember, this is YOUR business…it is certainly not a “job”, or even close to “work” in the traditional sense.

I look at it this way…I am a referrer, promoter and rainmaker! I bring MASSIVE solutions and opportunities to the masses!

You can put as much or as little time into it that you want. No pressure, quotas or whatever. Nobody is riding your butt. You can literally set it up and manage it from anywhere…Home, Laptop, Smartphone.

Personally, I don’t know of a more lucrative and exciting referral program, with so much financial and social potential, and so desperately needed in today’s economic reality.

Questions? Be sure to see our FAQ’s first. Or simply use our contact page.

Click below to go to the Regal Assets affiliate application page. If you need help with applying, please email us directly on our contact page.

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